What to Do With Moldy Cannabis

moldy cannabis 22 - What to Do With Moldy Cannabis

When mold is found on marijuana, it may be a hard decision to make and carry out, but you should throw it away. If the mold is on still growing plants it could easily spread to other plants. Smoking it could endanger your health.

What Mold Looks Like

Smoking marijuana that has mold on it is not only dangerous, but in extreme cases it can cause death, especially in people with immune deficiency problems, like cancer patients or people receiving treatment for HIV/Aids. Mold is often hard to see on marijuana. It can be easier to spot if you have access to and use a black light to examine your weed. Here’s what to look for:


  • If you see dark spots
  • If a fuzzy growth that is white, gray, yellow, or brown
  • If web-like materials are present that are white, gray, or black in color
  • If there is an earthy, musty odor
  • If the plant’s roots are discolored

 Why Mold Is a Bad Thing

Mold spores can harm a person’s health in a variety of ways, with some individuals being more sensitive than others, according to the CDC. exposure can cause Some symptoms include runny nose, stuffy sinuses, sneezing, watery and bloodshot eyes. Coughing is another symptom. People who suffer from asthma or use immunosuppressive therapy such as chemotherapy or HIV/AIDS medications are at an increased risk for these issues., as well as those who already feel tired on a daily basis

Some experts suggest that young children who come in contact with mold are more likely to develop childhood asthma, particularly if they have certain genes that make them susceptible to the condition. The World Health Organization has acknowledged this potential link and published findings supporting it.

You can come in contact with mold through your skin, by inhaling it, or by consuming it. The effects of mold exposure on your health can be immediate or take years to develop. There is no way to test for mold exposure through blood tests. Also, there are no clinical tests that medical professionals can use determine when or where a person first had contact with the spores either. Usually, the only thing allergy testing can do is point to possible mold sickness.

What Causes Marijuana Mold?

By Familiarizing yourself with the conditions that allow mold to grow on weeds, you may be able take measures to avoid it.

Lack Of Airflow

Molds, on the other hand, do not become exhausted or suffocated when airflow is restricted. As a result, mold can be controlled in outdoor farms with enough ventilation.

Although fans aren’t necessary when growing plants outdoors, they are vital for a successful outcome when growing them indoors. The main issue with storing plants is that molds can form if the conditions aren’t ideal. If you put your plants in an airtight container and then forget about them, this will create humid conditions that molds love.

As a result, while storing, keep the lid cracked or the bag opened at least once per day so that fresh air may be replaced with stale oxygen.


To grow, molds require oxygen. As a result, you should store your goods in airtight containers at all times to restrict the amount of oxygen that enters. It’s difficult to vacuum-seal your things. As a result, instead of concentrating on this aspect, concentrate on other aspects that contribute to mold development and decrease the buildup.


Moisture, as well as its close relative humidity, is a significant cause of mold formation. Mold begins to form when the humidity around your plant rises above 63%. As a result, always keep your things in a dry and dark place to minimize the risk of mold development.


Even though mold can grow without light, storing your belongings in a dark space is still better. You might be thinking that this doesn’t make sense – after all, you can control the temperature of where you store your things, but not necessarily the temperature inside of containers.

When you expose your marijuana container to light, the temperature within it rises several degrees, making it an ideal mold-growing environment. As a result, if your collection isn’t frequently updated with high-tech temperature control storage, store your greens in a dark location that is not exposed to direct sunshine.

What to Do With Moldy Cannabis

Making Cannabis Mold Free – Is Mold Removal Possible?

If you see mold on your possessions, it’s best to remove it right away. Also, smoking moldy weed is never a good idea. If you desperately need to save the plant for medicinal or recreational uses though, here’s what you can do:

Perform Decarboxylating

Understanding how decarboxylation works, it may help to break down the term into its component parts. The first part, “de-,” usually indicates removal. The second part, “carboxy,” refers to the acid radical group COOH , which is found in almost all living things.

“The fourth term, ‘-ation,’ is a suffix that improves an action. When you combine these terms, you get ‘the act of removing the carboxyl group’ from your substance, which is decarboxylation.’ ”

The decarboxylation of cannabis is a method used to improve the effectiveness and potency of marijuana. Decarboxylation eliminates the acidic component from the cannabis THC molecule, giving it an improved impact.

You can get rid of mold on your Cannabis by baking it in a microwave at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour. Keep in mind, though, that this process will make your buds unusable for smoking. You can still use the plant matter to make edibles or concentrates.

Turn Your Stuff Into Concentrates

You may pursue your mold removal project further by creating concentrates from your greens. During this process, you will likely utilize alcohol or butane, which kills most fungi.

Filter The Mold Out With A Water Pipe

This works particularly well with dabs. You may use a water filter to fill your moldy dab rig with dabs. It’s been claimed that liquid can remove up to 20% of the mold from food items. As a result, you should be able to breathe in the vapor produced by after running your moldy greens through decarb and then making an extract with it via a water filter.

Mold will probably be destroyed after 2-3 weeks, depending on the season and temperature. This should eliminate mold from your plant and allow you to vape safely. The reality, however, is that there is no 100% completely secure technique for removing mold from your things; consequently, there is no holistically safe method of utilizing moldy marijuana. As a result, you should always avoid mouldy weeds. They can be composted in order to provide long-term recycling.

How To Save Marijuana From Molds?

Proper storage is key to maintaining your cannabis and keeping it mold-free. Unfortunately, mold spores are ubiquitous and even plants in space have been known to get Moldy.

This makes it difficult to avoid the presence of mold spores. Therefore, it’s always wise to avoid environments that are ideal for mold growth. When you expose your cannabis to the wrong humidity, temperature, oxygen, or light, it can lead to mold accumulation. Following are some efficient tricks that can help you save your greens from mold:

Store In A Proper Container

When it comes to keeping your things mold-free, you should always utilize glass jars with airtight closures. Glass containers are generally moisture and oxygen resistant, preventing molds from growing in them. Even dispensaries may sell glass jars that are designed to keep items mold-free.

Check For The Humidity Factor

Cannabis will stay fresh longest when stored at a relative humidity of 50-60%. If it becomes more humid than 63%, the chance of mold growth increases, as does moisture retention. To prevent these issues, you can add a humidity pack to your storage container.

The first step in keeping your plants healthy is to make sure they have adequate humidity. Strongly hydrating your container involves a lot of labor, but you may do it. The moisture pack refers to the tiny packets that include a blend of water and salt. This mixture works quickly to control the humidity in your container. These aren’t very expensive at all. Furthermore, you may use them on a daily basis for several months. If you’re searching for something more sophisticated, consider humidors instead. However, they can be rather costly.

Choose A Dry And Dark Place For Storing

It’s important to store your marijuana in a humidity-free environment since it can get moldy when wet and dry. When your pot is warmed by the sun, it retains moisture. Furthermore, a humid atmosphere may also contribute to moisture accumulation. These two factors help to promote mold growth over time. As a result, you should always keep your containers in a dry and dark place like an cabinet or closet to minimize the chance of mold formation.

Does Moldy Weed Get You High?

Yes, if it originates from a cannabis plant with high THC levels. However, if you smoke weed that comes from a CBD-dominant cannabis plant, you won’t get as high as expected because it doesn’t create the same psychedelic effects as THC does. Apart from that, there are several other factors that determine whether or not smoking moldy weed will get you high. They include:

  • The response of your body’s endocannabinoid system
  • The THC percentage in your stuff
  • Your THC tolerance level
  • The amount of weed that you use
  • Quality of the parent plant
  • The method of consuming (eating, vaping, smoking, etc.)

However, whether you’re getting high or getting the therapeutic advantages of marijuana, avoid stinky weed at all costs. Remember that mold growth is undetectable from a distance. The green, purple, or blue splotches are the only indicators you’ll see.

The bruning of the bread’s surface is usually not noticed. cutting off this discolored part is also not a good idea because it will most likely go unnoticed. Instead, focus on the consequences you may experience after consuming unhealthy food items.

Keeping Your Stuff Fresh May Help Avoid Mold

When you get your greens delivered and they enchant you with their freshness, preserve it. Keep in mind that when you pay special attention to the freshness of the container and put your greatest efforts into keeping that freshness intact, you’ll naturally discover a way to prevent mold. Here are some suggestions for preserving your vegetables:

Preserve The Healthy Aroma

Although you may be instructed to add fruit peels to your product when storing marijuana in order to enhance the fragrance, it is typically best to disregard this recommendation. If you choose instead to add fruit peels or flower petals, know that doing so may create extra moisture and promote mold and mildew development.

Protip: If you store your weed in objects with strong aromas, like aftershaves, polish, shaving cream, cologne, perfume or deodorants, the weed will absorb those scents.

Store Them In A Cool Place (NOT Cooler)

It’s a good idea to store your cannabis in the freezer, but it doesn’t mean you should. Avoid doing this with marijuana. A refrigerator may be cold, but the interior is humid. Additionally, opening and closing the fridge door too often also creates opportunities for moisture exposure. In the same way, you shouldn’t store your munchies in the freezer as it not only causes moisture exposure but also breaks trichomes which results in weed that is flavorless and stale.

Never Store Them In Plastic

If you truly want to avoid moldy marijuana, don’t keep them in plastic bags. Contrary to popular belief, plastic bags have no effect on keeping the moisture, air, light, or cold at bay.

Furthermore, plastic has a static charge that removes the plant particles’ trichomes. Even after hundreds of attempts, you will not be able to clear this sticky and powdery mess. When it comes to sealable plastic bags, things may become even more difficult. Such bags collect both the good and bad smells together since to their sealing capabilities, and it’s a sure bet you won’t like the strange combination.

Store Your Stuff Separately

When it comes to storing, keep different strains of marijuana separate. This will not only help prevent mold spread from one strain to another, but it will also preserve the strains’ distinct scents. It’s also worth noting that some mold types are more resistant than others.

Contamination can spread quickly and easily, but if you store items properly, they will stay fresh for a longer period of time. However, storing them together may induce mold growth on all your belongings.

Cover The Pot

They might mold if you leave your belongings on open surfaces such as counters or tables. The humidity, heat, and light exposure are to blame. Apart from mold growth, leaving your possessions exposed may have a detrimental impact on their fragrance, resulting in a stale stoning experience.

What to Do With Moldy Cannabis

How To Prevent Mold When You Are Growing Weed?

Mold can damage both consumers and producers. Mold can affect anybody who consumes cannabis, particularly growers. It is critical to detect mold early while producing hemp so that the crop may be saved. While you must cut down the afflicted plants, you may still preserve others by acting promptly.

You can use a microscope to prevent mold from spreading to your other plants, as it will help you spot early accumulation. However, it’s also recommended that you get quality weed seeds from the best seed banks.

If your buds are completely coated, you’ll probably have no choice but to remove the plant because the spores have most likely been released and the illness has spread throughout it. You should also keep an eye on humidity, growing conditions, and temperature if you want to do a thorough assessment.

Finally, bear in mind that it’s not just the harvesting process that demands your attention. Weed is susceptible to molds throughout the cutting, drying, and trimming procedures.

The only time you can be certain that your marijuana is mold-free is when you smoke it. As a result, maintain an eye on and follow the preventive procedures to minimize the possibility of mold growth in your prized plants.


Hope this is helpful! Always remember that even the best quality products can turn moldy if you don’t follow preventive measures. So, be careful to avoid anything that might ruin your experience.

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