Discover the Benefits of Phoenix Tears Online

New to cannabis oils? Perhaps Phoenix Tears isn’t on your radar yet, but in the cannabis community, it’s practically legendary for its myriad health benefits. Rick Simpson, the mastermind behind Phoenix Tears, developed it to combat his own skin cancer. So, what exactly are Phoenix Tears, how do they function, and do they live up to the medical hype?

Known by various names like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Full-Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), this potent oil has a lot to offer. In this piece, we’ll uncover Rick Simpson’s story, explore the diverse applications of his creation, and more.

Why You Should Buy Phoenix Tears Online

Purchasing Phoenix Tears online offers unparalleled convenience and access to high-quality, standardized products. Unlike homemade versions, online retailers provide meticulously tested oils with precise CBD and THC concentrations, ensuring you receive a consistent and safe product every time. Additionally, buying online allows you to easily compare products, read reviews, and select the best option for your specific needs without the hassle of sourcing and processing cannabis yourself.

Moreover, online stores often offer a broader range of Phoenix Tears products, including different formulations and concentrations tailored to various health conditions. This variety means you can find the perfect match for your therapeutic requirements, whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, or skin conditions. With reliable shipping options and discreet packaging, purchasing Phoenix Tears online ensures a seamless, stress-free experience, bringing this potent remedy directly to your doorstep.


phoenix tears online

What Exactly Are Phoenix Tears (RSO)?

Phoenix Tears, also referred to as full-extract cannabis oil (FECO) or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), pay homage to its originator. This potent oil boasts a dense, viscous texture.

In contrast to oils targeting individual cannabinoids, full-extract cannabis oil encapsulates all the plant’s compounds.

Qui est Rick Simpson ?

Rick Simpson, a Canadian engineer turned cannabis advocate, gained fame for curing his skin cancer with a potent homemade cannabis oil. When diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, Simpson, dissatisfied with conventional medical treatments that omitted cannabis, decided to create his own remedy. Formulating a cannabis oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, he applied it directly to his skin lesions, witnessing their miraculous disappearance within days. This led to Simpson distributing the oil for free to other skin cancer patients, eventually resulting in the widespread use of cannabis extract oils bearing his name. Since then, numerous brands of Phoenix Tears or RSO oil have flooded the market, offering relief for various chronic conditions.

Benefits of Phoenix Tears

  1. Natural remedy for various illnesses and chronic conditions.
  2. Particularly effective in treating skin cancer, according to many users.
  3. Reported benefits include improved lung capacity, blood sugar regulation, cancer-fighting properties, relief from depression, and assistance with weight loss.
  4. Capitalizes on the “Entourage Effect,” wherein cannabinoids and other cannabis components synergistically enhance therapeutic effects.
  5. Versatile application in relieving acute and chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, migraines, and back pain.
  6. Shows promise in alleviating symptoms of insomnia, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
  7. Acts as a skin nourishment product, aiding in softening and smoothing the skin by gently removing old cells.
  8. Despite widespread anecdotal support, scientific validation for its benefits is lacking, underscoring the need for further research.
phoenix tears online

Navigating Phoenix Tears Online: How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

With the vast array of health benefits offered by cannabis oil, understanding the most effective methods for consuming Phoenix Tears becomes crucial. Can you smoke Phoenix Tears, or are there better ways to harness its potential?

Similar to other cannabis extracts, Rick Simpson Oil offers multiple administration routes. Beyond direct application to targeted areas, it can be vaporized, smoked, or ingested orally.

Unlike some cannabis oils, RSO-type oils are not only suitable for topical use but also edible.

To optimize benefits, adhere to dosage recommendations provided on the packaging or seek guidance from a healthcare professional. Proper supplementation entails meticulous attention to metabolization processes for unlocking the full Entourage Effect.

Exploring the Benefits of Full-Extract Cannabis Oils:

Topical Application:

  • Utilize RSO topically by applying it directly to areas requiring relief from pain, inflammation, or skin issues, mirroring Rick Simpson’s approach to treating his skin cancer. For joint or back pain, expect relief within an hour, adjusting dosage as needed.
  • Embrace RSO’s skin nourishing properties by incorporating it into your skincare routine, promoting supple and soft skin while targeting surface problems and muscular/joint pain.


  • Ingest RSO oil via vaporization, a technique involving the placement of a thin veil of Phoenix Tears into a vaporizer pen for inhalation. While challenging due to viscosity, practice and suitable equipment enhance efficiency.


  • Administer RSO orally through sublingual absorption or incorporation into meals. Sublingual consumption ensures rapid onset of effects within minutes, while ingestion in meals offers a palatable option, especially in baked goods, with effects lasting up to eight hours.

Navigating the realm of Phoenix Tears online necessitates understanding diverse administration methods, ensuring optimal utilization of Rick Simpson Oil’s therapeutic potential.

How to Make Phoenix Tears

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If you prefer crafting your own oil at home like Rick Simpson, here’s how to do it.

Phase 1: Extract the Cannabis Oil from Plant Matter

  1. Prepare Your Materials: Gather cannabis buds, food-grade alcohol, a cheesecloth, and a rice cooker. Break the buds into smaller pieces to increase the surface area for better extraction.
  2. Combine Cannabis and Alcohol: Place the cannabis in a large container and add enough food-grade alcohol to cover the plant material. Stir and crush the buds for about 3 minutes.
  3. Filter the Mixture: Use a cheesecloth or coffee filter to drain the alcohol into a separate bowl.
  4. Repeat the Process: Return the plant matter to the container, add more alcohol, and repeat the stirring and filtering process. Discard the plant matter after the second filtration.

Phase 2: Cook the Solvent

  1. Prepare for Evaporation: You should now have a yellow-green or golden mixture containing cannabis extracts and the solvent. Pour this mixture into a rice cooker.
  2. Evaporate the Alcohol: Turn on the rice cooker to high temperatures to vaporize the alcohol. Use a fan to direct fumes toward an open window.
  3. Add Solvent Gradually: Continuously add more of the solvent mixture to the rice cooker as the alcohol evaporates.
  4. Finish the Process: Continue boiling until all the alcohol has evaporated, leaving a thick, yellow substance at the bottom of the rice cooker. This is your full-extract cannabis oil.

Final Steps:

  • Collect and Store: Use sterilized equipment to collect the oil, bottle it, and store it free from contaminants.

Important Considerations:

  • Concentration Levels: Home-made RSO oils may have varying THC and CBD concentrations, as it’s difficult to measure these levels without formal lab testing.
  • Evaporation Completeness: It’s challenging to know when all the solvent has evaporated, so using food-grade alcohol is crucial, especially if you plan to consume the oil.
  • Standardization: Commercially produced cannabis oils adhere to standardized methods, ensuring consistent CBD and THC levels.

By following these steps, you can create your own Phoenix Tears at home, but always be mindful of the potential variability and impurities that may arise in the process.


In conclusion, purchasing Phoenix Tears online is a smart and convenient choice for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of this potent cannabis oil. Online retailers provide high-quality, standardized products with precise CBD and THC concentrations, ensuring consistency and safety. The wide variety of available formulations allows you to find the perfect match for your specific health needs, from chronic pain relief to anxiety management. With the added benefits of easy comparison, customer reviews, reliable shipping, and discreet packaging, buying Phoenix Tears online offers a hassle-free and efficient way to incorporate this powerful remedy into your wellness routine.

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