Candyland *Sativa*


If this euphoric strain awakens memories of your favorite childhood board games, that’s no surprise. Candyland is a hybrid crossbreed of Granddaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies, comprising mostly Sativa traits that bring about an uplifting, stimulating high and spark creativity for daytime tasks. The predominant effect when smoking this herb is pure blissful euphoria accompanied by strong mood elevation with some relaxation as well. Candyland packs a powerful punch with as much as 24% THC, and while the exact sativa-to-indica ratio is unknown, its lower levels of CBD still can be useful for treating seizures or other medical conditions. Its fragrance and flavor profile are characterized by an invigorating sweet taste that’s accompanied by earthy and spicy undertones. Candyland has a compact, dark-hued appearance with glimmering gold and trichome flecks. It is predominantly used to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and ADHD symptoms without inducing paranoia. Consider indulging in its sweet flavor throughout the day as it’s most popular along the West Coast of America (Colorado & Michigan). However be cautious of certain side effects like dry mouth, eyes or dizziness that may occur when consuming this strain.

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