Pays de Rêve *Hybride*


Dream Land is an extraordinary strain derived from CBD 0.3%, and 24% THC with zero CBN, leaving a sensational lasting impression on the smoker. Startlingly, many smokers have experienced a slow-motion effect along with feelings of tranquility and relaxation – as if time has suddenly stopped! In addition to its calming effects, some smokers have even reported that Dream Land alleviates anxiety too. The Dream Land strain is known for its intense flavor, pungent aroma, and diverse medicinal effects. Upon lighting up your first puff, you will be able to luxuriate in a peaceful sensation alongside an array of health advantages. However, it’s vital that you don’t overindulge with this particular strain as it should not be used consistently on a daily basis. Therefore exercise self-control when consuming the Dream Land strain so that you can avoid any potential adverse side effects from occurring.

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