Hi-Wire *Sativa*


Hi-Wire is a rare strain, developed in the early 2000s from skunk parents. Its superiority was recognized with several awards such as 2nd Place at High Times Cannabis Cup and Best Seeds HighLife cup. Growing Hi-Wire requires minimal hard work yet yields larger harvests than its ancestors. Although it has skunky roots, Hi-Wire offers more of a flowery sweetness to its flavor – making users feel energized; though consuming too much may result in overactivity for some people. Hi-Wire is an ideal strain for social anxiety and it fosters a feeling of contentment in its users. As the name implies, Hi-Wire produces an energetic sensation that enhances physical activity. It’s popularly used before attending events like parties or gatherings; patients using this strain have reported cheerful feelings with a heightened level of positivity – making it perfect for those struggling with general anxiousness, chronic pain, clinical depression, queasiness and severe tension.

UGS : v7-Hi-Wire *Sativa*-114256 Catégories : ,