Organic Cookie Dough *Hybrid*


Cookie Dough is a widely sought-after medicinal marijuana strain, boasting an Indica dominant hybrid. This particular strain has an attractive appearance and consists of mushy crystals with yellowish and orange hues. Its aroma is unparalleled, creating a delicious combination of sweet and minty scents that transport you to another level. Furthermore, the taste lives up to its name as it delivers mainly sweetness initially with subtle hints of fresh mint ensuring Cookie Dough’s place at the top! Cookie Dough is a strain of cannabis with tremendous healing properties, boasting an incredibly high THC level of 25%. It contains CBD and CBN contents ranging from 0-10%, thus making it remarkably effective as an analgesic, neuroprotector, appetite stimulant and anxiety suppressor. Its potent anti-anxiety and stress relief effects make Cookie Dough ideal for those who are looking to gain weight or stimulate their appetites while managing chronic bouts of worry.

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