Crêpes *Hybride*


Pancakes is a hybrid strain with 60% indica and 40% sativa, achieved through crossing London Pound Cake X Kush Mints. Its effects are long-lasting and the perfect blend of calmness and upliftment for any hybrid enthusiast! Gradually rising its way into your brain, Pancakes will make you feel an overall lift in mood while simultaneously calming down all mental aches. Enjoy this blissful journey to happy relaxation without ever having to return back! As your body absorbs this calming sensation, you’ll soon be in a deeply relaxed state that may even cause some “couchlock” at times. Coupled with its average THC level of 17-20%, Pancakes is the perfect choice for treating chronic stress and anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, depression and fatigue. Give it a try today to reap all the therapeutic benefits! Savor the sweet and creamy fruity berry flavor of Pancakes buds, with a delightful nutty pancake-like exhale. The aroma is equally delectable – like freshly cooked pancakes drizzled with creamy fruits and light spices. These oversized fat heart-shaped bright neon green nugs are blanketed in thin orange hairs and topped off with tiny golden white crystal trichomes for an added touch of sparkle!

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