Dopeboi Pink – Indica

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The Dopeboi Pink is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain, predominantly found on the West Coast and in Canada, resulting from the crossbreeding of Endless Sky and Chumaluma. Its scarcity contributes to its appeal, drawing in cannabis enthusiasts eager to experience its fruity flavor and long-lasting cerebral effects. With a THC content averaging around 20-21%, The Dopeboi Pink is favored by those seeking relief from chronic stress, migraines, depression, pain, and insomnia.

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The Dopeboi Pink is an elusive and sought-after indica-dominant hybride, primarily found in the West Coast and Canada, resulting from a cross between the renowned Endless Sky and Chumaluma strains. Its scarcity adds to its allure, making it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts. Each hit of The Dopeboi Pink delivers a burst of fruity goodness accompanied by a long-lasting cerebral high, making it particularly appealing to those who enjoy a euphoric experience alongside their indica relaxation. With its sweet strawberry bubblegum flavor and hints of spicy grape and earth in its aroma, The Dopeboi Pink tantalizes the senses from the first whiff to the final exhale.

Despite its flavorful profile, The Dopeboi Pink’s effects lean towards a subdued upliftment rather than a burst of energy, gradually inducing a calming sensation that spreads from the mind to the body. As the high intensifies, users may find themselves succumbing to a heavy couch-lock accompanied by a dreamy sedation, eventually drifting into a peaceful slumber. This souche, boasting an average THC level of 20-21%, is favored among individuals seeking relief from chronic stress, migraines, depression, pain, and insomnia. Its oversized, dense nugs are characterized by olive green hues, purple undertones, and a generous coating of trichomes, making The Dopeboi Pink as visually appealing as it is potent.


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Dopeboi Pink – Indica
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