Blunts pré-roulés 2g

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Pre Rolled Blunts are a cannabis product that comes pre-rolled and ready to smoke, typically filled with ground cannabis flower and wrapped in a tobacco leaf or other plant-based leaf wrapper. Unlike traditional joints rolled with rolling papers, pre-roll blunts offer a thicker, sturdier smoking experience, often providing a longer-lasting and more flavorful smoke. They come in various sizes and can contain different blends of cannabis strains, catering to the preferences of different consumers.

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Pre Rolled Blunt is a cannabis product that is pre-rolled and ready to smoke, typically made by filling a tobacco leaf wrap or another plant-based leaf wrapper with ground cannabis flower. Unlike traditional cannabis joints, which are rolled using rolling papers, pre-roll blunts offer a unique smoking experience due to the use of thicker wraps. These wraps can include tobacco leaves or alternatives like palm leaf wraps, each imparting its own distinct flavor profile to the smoke.

Pre Rolled Blunts come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they are generally larger than traditional cannabis joints, allowing for a higher capacity of cannabis to be packed inside. This larger size, combined with the sturdy nature of the wraps, makes pre-roll blunts ideal for sharing among multiple people or for individuals looking for a longer smoking session.

One of the key differences between pre-roll blunts and joints is the presence of tobacco in the wrap. While joints are typically rolled using only rolling papers and cannabis flower, pre-roll blunts often contain tobacco leaf wraps, which can add a spicy or sweet flavor to the smoke, depending on the type of wrap used. However, there are also non-tobacco options available for those who prefer to avoid tobacco altogether.

Overall, pre-roll blunts offer a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis, providing a ready-to-smoke option for consumers who may not have the time or ability to roll their own joints. Additionally, the use of different wraps allows for customization of the smoking experience, catering to individual preferences for flavor and intensity.

  • 2g filled blunts. Rolled with Greasy Pink Indica. Blunt flavour – Grape Cognac


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Blunts pré-roulés 2g

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