Souffle de Carlin *Indica*


ThugPug Genetics have created a strain known as Pug’s Breath that is the result of crossing Mendobreath F2 Ultra Violett and Mendobreath F2 Studly Spewright. These delicately trimmed orange flowers are dotted with purple, and finished off with pale yellow-orange pistils scattered throughout, all enveloped in a coat of glistening trichomes. The effects of the Pug Breath cannabis strain are a luscious, “purple” stone that brings intense physical relaxation. Depending on your dosage, you might even feel sleepy after consuming it! When crushed up, this flower releases an abundance of aromas such as dirtiness with tinges of vanilla and mint; along with undertones of licorice. The aromas of Pug’s Breath are delightfully aromatic and translate wonderfully into an exquisite tasting experience. The cerebral effect is strong, almost as if it was a punch to the face that extends through all regions of the body. Additionally, you may feel your limbs becoming heavier due to its profound physical relaxation effects.

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