Temple Kush *Indica*


Don’t confuse Temple Kush with “Golden Temple Kush”—it’s a special 100% pure indica hybrid strain bred from Nepalese Hashplant and classic Hindu Kush. If you want to experience an hours-long state of relaxation, drowsiness, and total bliss—look no further than this unique bud! Unleash your inner relaxation with this dynamic bud that packs a seriously powerful punch. Thanks to its 23-27% average THC level, you’ll be kicked back and totally calm in no time! The Temple Kush delivers an intense and pleasurable high that begins with a surge of heady bliss, stimulating your brain until you become incapable of focusing on anything else. Next, waves of relaxation roll over your body while soothing sedation slowly draws you deeper into its grasp as it lulls you to slumber. This sleep-inducing sensation can induce deep dreams for hours before eventually leading to tranquility and peaceful rest.

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