Singe Truffe *Sativa*


The tantalizing aroma of Tropic Truffle can bring tears to your eyes, and its flavor is a delectable blend of marshmallow cake and chocolate – no wonder it’s sought after by cannabis aficionados. On the contrary, there’s Grease Monkey – an iconic indica hybrid from Exotic Genetix that results from crossing Gorilla Glue (indica) with Cookies & Cream (hybrid). Grease Monkey is an invigorating and soothing blend that will leave you with a powerful buzz, both physically and mentally. It has the delightful aroma of musk reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies strains making it perfect for connoisseurs alike. The THC levels range from 16% to 30%, providing users just the right experience they seek. Exotic Genetix is always learning from its past mistakes and gaining knowledge with every move they make. Their only focus is to provide the highest quality product possible, pushing themselves further towards excellence.

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