50 Shades of Pink *Indica*


50 Shades of Pink is a Sativa dominant strain that has an earthy taste with undertones of the sweet fruit, pineapple. The strain can be used in many different ways; as relief from depression, stress and anxiety while also providing relief for those suffering from migraines or headaches. 50 Shades of Pink is great to use when doing creative work like painting, drawing, writing, and more!

The aroma of this strain is a very citrusy, earthy smell with hints of sweet fruit. The taste is similar to the aroma but more on the sweeter side with a hint of spice and pine undertones. The high from 50 Shades of Pink strain starts out light in your head which can be used for daytime use because it won’t put you straight into dreamland as some strains do! It’s followed by a gradual release that will ease any aches or pain while allowing you to feel relaxed yet still alert enough to enjoy whatever activities are going on around you. When you open up a package of 50 Shades of Pinkweed, you’ll see a rainbow of deep colors spanning from greens to purples to blues and even dark pinks. Its cured buds are very dense and often shaped like bumpy pinecones.

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