Black Death Bubba *Indica*


Black Death Bubba is a hybrid between Black Widow and White Widow. The buds are usually black in color, but can also be green or brown depending on age. Black Death Bubba has a strong fruity scent that fills your nose when you open the can. This strain is known for its strong euphoric effects. The aroma of this variety is a mixture of sweet and citrus. The taste is delicate, with a slight hint of pine.
The THC content in Black Death Bubba can be up to 18%. It has been reported that this strain can help patients suffering from depression, anxiety and chronic pain relief.
Black Death Bubba is also usually very high in CBD, making it an excellent choice for treating various types of medical conditions such as epilepsy or cancer. Each piece is completely covered with dark olive green leaves, which are almost fluffy and have a thick layer of frosty sandy white trichomes.

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