Black Jack is an indica-dominant hybrid with potential THC levels as high as 24%, making it a go-to strain for medical cannabis users who require relief from stress and chronic pain. It’s created by the crossbreeding of Black Domina and Jack Herer, providing you with all the effects found in their parent strains, including relaxation, euphoria, increased appetite, creative energy and more! There are two variations of this classic strain; one which is descended from Black Domina & Jock Horror (another European native). Either way though—Black Jack produces amazing results that can’t be beaten! The subsequent strain is called Blackjack, which greatly resembles the original variety. Regrettably, this variant contains low levels of CBD and thus isn’t prescribed for seizure disorder patients. Yet it is highly suggested as a treatment option for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression or mood abnormalities; along with nausea & poor appetite issues – to boot! Its powerful sedative effects make it an ideal combatant against insomnia too.

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