Captain Chronic is an iconic indica-dominant hybrid with a remarkable blend of Northern Lights, Skunk and AK-47. Whether you’re looking for energy or peace of mind, this strain provides both in spades – the effects come on quickly and leave you feeling jazzed up yet tranquilized at once! Your body will be overcome by heavenly euphoria which lingers long after your final toke while any negative moods are immediately forgotten. Paired with a heightened creativity and social aptitude, this heady high is further complemented by an incredibly calming body stone that makes it easy to converse. With its average THC level of 20-22% and CBD level of 3-5%, Captain Chronic has become the go-to option for individuals dealing with chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation and mood swings as they can enjoy both physical relaxation as well psychological ease. Experience the sweet and flowery honey flavor with a hint of fresh strawberries on exhale when you smoke this bud. Its aroma is just as delectable, bearing a strong strawberry berry overtone highlighted by fruity earth and floral notes of honey. These Captain Chronic buds are dense, oversized grape-shaped nugs that have thin orange hairs speckled throughout and glistening tiny golden-amber trichomes coating its surface.

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