Cloud 9 *Indica*


Cloud 9 is an indica-heavy cross of NYC Diesel and Milky Way. Breeders Kiwiseeds and Dampkring Classics created it to stabilize the popular clone-only NYC Diesel. The top reported aromas of the Cloud 9 strain are earthy, sweet, and citrus. And it is said to taste like rose, pine, herbs. Cloud 9 marijuana strain is an Indica marijuana. The creation of this herb was a joined effort between Dampkring Classics and Kiwiseeds. This Indica is moderately potent and can be enjoyed by majority of users. Cloud 9 is good for evening and night time use due to sedative properties. It only takes a few hits of Cloud 9 before a euphoric bliss washes over one’s previous disposition, inducing a happy cerebral high. It leaves a pleasant impression, especially when the dosage is paced. Going beyond THC tolerance levels can lead to an overwhelming experience that plays a few tricks in the mind. Hence, it is essential that users stay within limits. The mental clarity sharpens the senses and creates free space for thoughts to flow. A surge in creativity arises, peaking productivity as ideas enhance users’ motivation to complete tasks. For others, it can be an influx of happy memories that leave one smiling from ear to ear. It is best consumed in the company of others because it also boosts sociability. If anything, it is likely that similar-minded friends will end up talking for hours.

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