Cookies & Cream *Hybrid*


Cookies and Cream is a balanced hybrid strain that resulted from the cross between Starfighter X Unknown Girl Scout Cookies. It was highly sought after for its flavor, bagging 1st Place in Best Hybrid at Denver Cannabis Cup 2014. The delightful sweet nutty earthy profile with creamy vanilla butter finish makes it even more irresistible! What’s more, when burnt, an aroma of sweet nutty earth plus delicate hints of vanilla will tickle your senses as if you’re tasting heaven itself. This bud boasts fluffy, popcorn-shaped nugs with olive green hues and rich purple undertones. Sporadic orange hairs add flair while the abundant coating of shimmering trichomes leave a frosty finish. The Cookies and Cream high is an enjoyable experience ideal for hybrid lovers looking to unwind; it starts off with a happy cerebral lift that induces both euphoria and creativity whilst adding light energy.

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