Dank Breath x Sunset Sherbert *Hybrid*


Dank Breath x Sunset Sherbert is a sativa-dominated marijuana hybrid that offers consumers an invigorating and intense effect. Dank Breath x Sunset Sherbert, also known as “Breath” or “Sunset Sherbert”, was created by crossing the powerful Dankberry with the fruit varieties Strawberry Diesel and Pineapple Express. These genetic factors create the euphoric effect of energetic arousal that can last for hours. Dank Breath x Sunset Sherbert has been described as sweet on the palate with hints of citrus on the exhale. It is commonly used to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, relieve pain, lack of appetite, and other conditions caused by chronic illness or injury. The combination of these well-balanced effects will relieve you of pain in your mind and body, as well as allow you to be relaxed and carefree. Thanks to these powerful effects, this lump is ideal for treating stress, pain, and depression.

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