Dank Star *Indica*


DankStar cannabis strain is a pure Indica with a THC average of 13-16%. Buds are puffy and pale green with vibrant orange hair. It tastes like spicy pine trees and sweet berries with a pungent overtone, while the aroma is a skunky stench of rotting, spiced berries. This strain can treat anxiety, pain, headaches, stress, and inflammation. Ideal for evening usage. Dank Star is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is a super pungent phenotype of the infamous Dark Star strain. This bud’s parent gets its name from the Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star” and pays tribute to the band with a euphoric and buzzy high that’s well balanced between stoned and active. The high starts with a buzzy head rush that leaves you happy and uplifted with a building sense of euphoria that fades into a blissful hazy feeling. Nice tightly-trimmed buds. If this company wants to play with strain names, it should at least put the original name or the cross strains on the packaging someplace. The packaging also needs to list whether the strain is indica, hybrid or sativa. Very indica-like body and head buzz. Good one for lying on the couch watching movies. It’s not a really sleepy indica, but more of a heavy body feel with a somewhat dense head.

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