Donny Burger *Hybrid*


Introducing Donny Burger; a combination of GMO X Han Solo Burger strains that provides the best of both worlds. If you seek an uplifting, invigorating sativa high and physical hybrid effects then Donny’s your go-to snack! This delicious strain is sure to bring joy with its full-bodied impact on the mind and body – created through every exhale, saying goodbye to all negative thoughts or racing mindsets. So why wait? Come try Donny Burger now for yourself and enjoy everything it has to offer! When you take Donny Burger, it will transform the way you interact with others. You’ll feel a sense of sociability and charm that radiates from within. As time passes, your body begins to tingle as if alive and rejuvenated – this is particularly powerful thanks to its 20-28% THC level! Such effects make Donny Burger ideal for managing symptoms related to inflammation, chronic pain, insomnia, depression or stress.

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