Dosi-Pie *Indica*


Do-Si-Pie is the perfect indica hybrid strain to experience full relaxation, created by combining two beloved parent strains Do-Si-Dos and Cherry Pie. Developed by the renowned BUDDY BUDDY, Do-Si-Pie is ideal for novice cannabis users due to its low THC content of 14%. Consumers have reported feeling aroused, relieved and delighted after using this strain. Leafly customers across the world are in agreement – they love Do-Si-Pie! Do-Si-Pie is the go-to for medical marijuana patients coping with anxiety, headaches and cramps. Infused with caryophyllene as its primary terpene, it features a strong herbal aroma and flavor of sage, pepper and nuts. If you’ve tried Do-Si Pie before – please share your thoughts by writing a review! We’d love to hear how this strain has helped ease your symptoms.

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