Element Og *Indica*


Element Og is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain created by combining the flavorful Blackberry and All Spark OG strains. This particular variety features an average THC level of 22%, providing full-bodied effects that last for hours. The Element Og high starts with powerful positive mental stimulation, leaving you in a tranquil introspective headspace. Enjoy this remarkable bud’s euphoric properties to lift your spirits and experience mindful relaxation! Element Og’s introspection will deeply relax you until your body melts into a state of complete sedation. Its many therapeutic benefits, such as relieving chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and treating depression and appetite loss make this strain much sought after. Element Og buds come in the form of heart-shaped dark olive green nugs with bright orange hairs sprinkled generously across its surface alongside sandy amber trichomes. Element Og is a flavor powerhouse with its earthy profile and zesty hints of citrus kush. The scent of the nugs when broken up fills your senses with sweet berries, sage, and an unmistakable hint of kush that lingers in the air. When burnt it provides a smooth yet tangy aftertaste you won’t soon forget!

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