Introducing Frosted Kush, a moderate hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created as an homage to the beloved Hindu Kush. Buds of Frosted Kush overwhelmingly don a vibrant neon green shade coated with fine orange hairs and snow-white trichomes that sparkle like diamonds in sunlight! As you’d expect from its name, it provides users with energizing cerebral effects alongside more soothing body-melting relaxation – perfect for when you’ve got hours on end spare.As you break apart each glimmering morsel, an array of pungent herbs and fragrant earthy aromas will escape. The taste accompanies the same profile – a spicy flowery flavor blended with subtle notes of soil and fresh pine. Frosted Kush holds true to its name, providing invigorating effects that are sure to both energize your mind as well as your body. Your thoughts shall ascend into a state of cerebral euphoria inducing creativity at its peak while also encouraging increased sociability!

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