Fruit Gushers Five Star Organic LSO Exotics *Sativa*


The Fruit Gushers strain is a cannabis strain that has been bred for its fruity aroma and flavor. This is a sativa-dominated strain, so it will make you more energetic and creative. You may also notice an increase in appetite, which helps control your weight. It has moderate THC levels, which means it won’t produce the same psychoactive effects as some other strains like Blue Dream or Strawberry Cough. If you’re looking for something to help with anxiety or sleep problems, this may not be the best option due to low THC levels. This bud has elongated olive green nugs with bright green leaves, lots of thin amber hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes. The Fruit Gushers high isn’t quite as bright as the flavor, with super relaxing effects that are best suited for lazy nights spent at home with friends.

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