God’s Gift Hash *Sativa*

Often times, people or things that claim to be God’s gift are too good to be true, but this popular strain from back in the day is the real deal. God’s Gift was a huge hit in California dispensaries in 2005, and as it’s a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, why wouldn’t it be? A mostly indica-dominant hybrid, it’s awesome when you need a strong high.

One of the more potent buds on the market, this strain tops out at 27% THC but has been seen as low as 15%. The genetics would dictate nugs to be purple in color, but God’s Gift is much more dense with a ton of white trichomes that catch your eye.

Many describe the high as being in a trance, which is probably what it feels like to meet God himself. A fast-acting strain that leaves you incredibly dreamy and relaxed, you’ll notice that your mind is cleared of all worries.

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