Greasy Pink *Indica*


Greasy Pink is a strain that was originally created by crossing the genetics of Grease, one of the most popular strains in history, and Pink Kush. This plant has a spicy and earthy scent with hints of sandalwood. The high from this strain can be described as euphoric dizziness with a calming effect. The aroma of this variety is Grease, but with more floral notes. Greasy Pink smells like a diesel with a bouquet of flowers clamped in a nozzle. These pointy buds are sticky, bright green and bursting with pink hairs, but barely visible due to the coating of sugar-like trichomes. The Greasy Pink Strain will amaze your body with its physically melting ability, which promotes relaxation and a dreamy feeling of elation. Usually ends with hungry drowsiness.

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