If you’re searching for a strain that packs a punch, then look no further than Green Candy! This 50/50 hybrid is produced by crossing the two popular strains of Green Crack and Candy Kush. Not only does it feature an alluring appearance with vibrant green buds, its THC levels reach up to 18.47 percent – meaning you’ll get the relaxation without feeling overwhelmed or lethargic. In just moments after your first hit, happy-go-lucky effects will take over as well as long lasting calming sensations. With its uplifting and creative high, Green Candy strain is the perfect go-to for alleviating stress and anxiety. Its aroma carries an earthy minty undertone with a tinge of spice, while the flavor boasts sweet citrus, pinecandy notes. Not only does it provide calming relief but also energizes you to take on tasks; making this strain great for nighttime use when battling insomnia or treating chronic pain and depression during daytime hours. The Green Candy strain has the potential to leave your mouth feeling dehydrated and can cause dry eyes, dizziness, headaches or paranoia in some individuals. However, these reactions are normally relatively mild. To cultivate this strain for optimal results maintain a temperature of 21°C to 27°C with an ambient humidity around 50 percent.

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