Green Dream *Hybrid*

The smoke of Green Dream after exhalation tastes like burnt pine needles. The cannabinoid content in Green Dream can be as high as 24% THC. There is another Green Dream variety available at Aficionado Seed Bank that seems to be very similar to this one, as it is a Green Crack and Vishnu Kush hybrid, which itself is a Blue Dream and Hindu Kush hybrid. Even before we started offering cannabis tours in the San Francisco Bay Area, people asked us if we had anything to do with marijuana. Green Dream nuggets are covered with orange hairs and a visible layer of trichomes. This sativa-dominated hybrid can produce very massive colas that are dense, compact, dense and heavily sprinkled with many sparkling trichomes. The buds of this cannabis plant have a bitter, slightly fruity aroma. The flowers have a distinct sativa structure with loose, torn leaves that are easy to pull off from their central stems.

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