Herb Angels 300mg CBD Isolate Capsules


Herb Angels’ 300mg CBD Immunity Capsules provide you with a natural and antioxidant-packed formula designed to boost your immunity system and combat inflammation. Vitamin C, coupled with the powerful hemp extract of CBD can help enhance healthy skin while supporting normal immune responses – reducing pain, spasms, headaches and peripheral neuropathy associated symptoms!

For those looking for a mid-level dose of premium cannabidiol, look no further than CBD Isolate tablets. With 20 mg per serving and rigorous lab testing guaranteeing its authenticity and potency, it’s the perfect choice to help manage pain, spasms, headaches and nausea without experiencing any euphoric effects. Crafted from industrial hemp with anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief against both short term troubles and chronic discomfort alike – CBD Isolate is sure to be an invaluable addition to your routine!

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