Herb Angels THC Plus Capsules


When life throws its biggest curveballs at you, don’t give up – turn to nature’s medicine instead! Herb Angels has made it easy with their cannabis formulation of THC and CBD plus terpenes in a simple-to-swallow capsule. Get the relief that only natural ingredients can provide, without any mess or fuss. Crafted with RSO, this formulation is a full-spectrum cannabis extract designed to benefit anyone looking forward to alleviating medical conditions such as cancer, insomnia or lack of appetite. Not only will users experience the therapeutic effects of these synergistic compounds, but recreational users can also enjoy its euphoric effect! Whether you’re medicating or unwinding from your day – make sure you get all the benefits that come with each capsule. Elevate your well-being with the medical grade power of Herb Angel’s RSO capsules! Each box comes with ten capsules for a total 500mg – that’s 50 mg per capsule. As Canada’s trusted leader in cannabis research and development, you can trust us to provide safe and effective dosing. Experience the difference of true relief today—order now from Herb Angels!

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