Holy Bubba *Indica*


Holy Bubba is a sativa-dominated hybrid that gives consumers energy and vitality. The Holy Bubba strain is known for its potency.This bubbly bud was bred by crossing Holy Grail Kush, OG Kush and Blueberry; it is a cross between three of the most popular indica hybrids on the planet. Smells like pine blueberries with an earthy undertone when smoked or vaped.

The aroma of this variety is one of the most pleasant characteristics. It has an earthy piney aroma with a fruity blueberry scent, similar to the scent of grape chewing gum or artificial fruit flavors. The taste is somewhat similar to the smell: it is sweet, slightly dull and reminiscent of berries.

The effects are mostly cerebral; consumers report feeling happy, elated, euphoric and chatty when they consume Holy Bubba Weed Strain to relieve anxiety.

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