Lindsay OG *Indica*

Lindsay OG, a hybrid strain composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa, has become increasingly popular in recent years. This specific strain was originally created by crossing White Widow and an unknown Landrace sativa from Oaxaca, Mexico. Lindsay O.G. is known for its potency and balanced action with THC and CBD levels of around 18%.

The aroma of this variety is mainly coniferous with citrus hints. It has an earthy aftertaste followed by a persistent coffee aftertaste. The high from Lindsay OG starts with a feeling of euphoria and vigor, which ultimately leads to a feeling of deep relaxation – similar to the effects you can experience when smoking indica strains. ”

The effect is felt mainly in the head as it penetrates your mind, slowly relaxing your body and soul. Lindsay OG is great for daytime use because its aphrodisiac properties can help you make all those long-term plans or just do chores around the house (or office).

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