Liquid Butter *Sativa*


Liquid Butter is a must-try for anyone who loves Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Its vibrant green buds, flecked with brown, are truly unique and deliver powerful effects that last long after smoking. With an assumed THC content of 20% or more (exact values remain unknown), you’ll get feelings of euphoria along with drowsiness thanks to its invigorating scent reminiscent of pine needles – perfect for winding down in the evening! Liquid Butter is a delectable strain, with a rich buttery flavor accompanied by coffee and earthy undertones. After smoking it, some may feel relaxed as this particular bud has powerful calming effects on the body. People commonly use Liquid Butter to treat anxiety, depression and stress related issues because of its soothing powers; additionally, it stimulates hunger making it an optimal choice for those struggling with loss of appetite. Not only can this strain help to reduce muscle spasms and bring relief to those who suffer from muscular discomfort, but it may also cause dry mouth and eyes along with feelings of paranoia.

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