Mango Sapphire is a captivating indica-dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) that was formulated by combining the renowned Bubba’s Gift, OG Kush and Afghan strains. This exquisite strain gets its name from not only its stunning look but also for being mouthwateringly delicious. Mango Sapphire buds are compact neon green nuggets wrapped in orange hairs with dark blue hues and sprinkled with delicate white trichomes. If you’re an aficionado of heavy Indicas, this one is truly unbeatable! As you break up each resinous bud, an aroma of sweet citrus and fruity tropical lemon is released. It’s earthy with a sour tang that grows spicier as it’s burned. The Mango Sapphire high isn’t as intense as the flavor; its calming effects will set in shortly after your last puff, relinquishing any negative sentiments or scattered thoughts while replacing them with imaginative elation and some concentration––which may fluctuate throughout your experience.

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