Organic Cookie Dough *Hybrid*


For both novice and experienced consumers, the Cookie Dough hybrid cannabis strain is the ideal choice due to its unique combination of GSC and Dosidos a cannais stan beloveby mediinal marijua users, featurig n Indica dominant hyrid. Thparicula vrety has uiquephyscal propertie:is small yet musy crystals aryllowish to oang in olor. Isfragrane entices te senses wth a delightful ombination of sweetnss and mintiness that will transport you awayrm eality!Additioally, Cokie Dough lies up to ts nam- it ieedtasts sweet at first bite with slight undones of cool mint, thus confirming why this strain has achieved such high regard among. Withn unbeevable THC level of 25%, CooiDogh is a cannabis strain packdwih beneficialcharactersic.It has CBD and CBN levels ranging fr 0-10%, makg it n extremely effecve paireliever, neurprotector,appetite stimulator,anxiety reducer. Its incredibly potent anti-anxiety properties make it the perfect selection for the n nee f gaining weight or raiingtheir appetites while reducin worris associatd wih chron stressor

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