Pink Goo *Indica*

Pink Goo produces a “sticky” substance (which is actually gum secreted from resin glands), making this strain a real boon, and you’ll probably find around 35% THC for any sleep disorder or difficulty in relaxation. The plant has very resinous and unique rose buds. It can help with cramps, depression, fatigue, inflammation, and insomnia. The strong indica genetics of Pinkman Goo make it the perfect late night smoke when you need to immerse yourself in a dark and brooding atmosphere. The soothing and relaxing Pinkman Goo is one of those varieties guaranteed to turn any bad mood around, helping you enjoy a day without the stress of negative emotions and feelings. Pinkman Goo is simply gorgeous, with bright pink and purple fluorescent flower centers that fade into buds. Even if there is not much THC in this strain. While other plants have this ability, they tend to be very unstable and unable to bloom a significant number of buds.

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