Pink Jefe *Indica*


Pink Jefe is a hybrid blend of Rare Darkness #1 and Abusive OG that packs an indica-dominant punch, boasting THC levels ranging from 22 to 25%. These buds are exceptionally vibrant with orange hairs intertwined through dark hues of green while the sticky texture renders them dense yet plump. The aroma carries notes of hash alongside earthy undertones but this strain’s flavor delivers a unique fusion – spicy, lemony pine tones will linger on your palate as you savor its effects. Pink Jefe is truly one-of-a-kind in its ability to provide soothing relief for the mind. Even though this strain has a strong potency, it won’t put you out for the night – new cannabis smokers can use Pink Jefe with caution and avoid overpowering effects. Typically, those who consume it experience an uplifting body buzz that may lead to couch lock symptoms. It’s known to be effective at treating muscle spasms and cramps but also offers assistance in more serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and anorexia!

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