Prophet OG *Hybrid*


If you are looking for a strain that isn’t overly pungent, then Prophet OG is the perfect option. Its unique citrus aroma will still linger in the air, but won’t be as strong as other traditional cannabis strains. When adding Bubba to your bowl or pipe you can expect an intense dankness that will remain on your taste buds long after consumption – just make sure it’s from fresh and clean smoking equipment! To get all of this delicious flavor out of Prophet OG it is essential to utilize freshly cleaned materials; otherwise, its quality may decrease significantly. Prophet OG is a sativa-dominant strain that will leave you feeling invigorated but relaxed. Unlike the cartoon character running in one spot, this type of cannabis won’t keep your mind racing for hours on end. It’s effects come on quickly and pleasantly, providing an energizing yet calming experience lasting up to 20 minutes

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