Purple Kush *Hybrid*


Purple Kush is a popular marijuana strain that gives users a feeling of vigor and euphoria. This potent strain is known to relieve stress and anxiety. The Purple Kush weed can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. These buds have small, fluffy, bright neon green buds with rich purple and bright orange hairs and a deep purple hue. The THC content is usually 15-20%. The aroma of this variety is earthy, with a sweet grape flavor. Purple Kush is an indica dominant strain that leaves the consumer feeling elated and euphoric without any of the paranoia or anxiety associated with high THC strains. The parents of Purple Kush weeds are Indica Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, which give this ganja an amazing ratio of 100% indica to 0% sativa. In addition to numbing the body, it has a completely restorative effect.

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