Very Berry, or “Very Berry Haze”, is a unique sativa strain created by blending the illustrious Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze. This bud has become famous due to its incredible sweetness and fruity taste that’s like eating a fresh fruit salad with sugary haze sprinkled on top – simply delightful! The aroma of this strain is highly lemony and fruity, complete with subtle spicy hash undertones once you break apart these buds for smoking purposes. Enjoy the sweet, tasty finale! Very Berry buds come with large and dense nugs in a deep forest green tone combined with light minty-green patches. Barely visible entwined amber hairs coat tiny golden trichomes that sparkles brightly when exposed to direct sunlight. Ideal for daytime use; its high is exceptionally uplifting leaving you feeling purposeful, energized and accomplished. With this bud’s assistance nothing will seem too daunting to take on – especially since it’ll always bring a wide smile your way!

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