Very Berry *Sativa*


Very Berry, or “Very Berry Haze,” is a pure sativa strain generated by crossing the illustrious Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze. This bud has achieved notoriety due to its remarkable sweetness and fruity taste that’s like having fresh fruit salad with sugary haze sprinkled on top. The aroma of this strain is overwhelmingly lemony and fruity, while hints of spicy hash pervade as you break apart these buds for smoking purposes. And don’t forget to savor the sugary endnote! Very Berry buds boast oversized, chunky nugs with a forest green hue and light minty green patches. Amber hairs are sparsely placed amidst tiny golden trichomes that sparkle in the sunlight. The Very Berry high is perfect for daytime use – expect uplifting effects that leave you feeling energized, purposeful and accomplished. With this bud’s help, no task will be too daunting to tackle – especially when you’ll be doing it with a grin on your face!

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