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What Type of Fiberglass Pool Is Best For Your Family?

There are numerous types of fiberglass swimming pools available these days and since purchasing one is such a big investment it’s important to choose the right one for your family. It’s a good idea to do a little research before jumping in the deep end and buying a pool.

Water sports or swimming?

You should ask yourself what the pool will be used for. Will it be for playing various water sports or for recreational swimming? If you plan on exclusively playing sports such as basketball and volleyball in the pool then you don’t really need a deep end. However, if you’re going to be diving and swimming in it then a deep end of about eight feet is recommended. Pools with eight-foot deep ends need to be a minimum of 13 feet long in the deep end. In addition, the grade from the shallow end to the deep end will also be approximately 13 feet in length.

Therefore you’ve already used up 26 feet in length. If your pool is 38 feet long this will leave only about 12 feet of space for playing sports and games in. The average length of a fiberglass pool is 40 feet and this will provide plenty of room for families that want to use it for water sports. Of course, if the depth is about five feet you’ll also be able to swim lengths in it, but it isn’t safe for, and won’t be coded for diving.

Pools for Sports

If you plan on playing volleyball or basketball in the pool then a rectangular shape is typically the best bet. If you want a deep end, it’s recommended that it isn’t deeper than five feet. This will allow most players to touch the bottom of the pool at all times. As for the size, you probably wouldn’t want anything smaller than 14 feet by 28 feet.

Diving Pools

You should have a deep end of at least eight feet for diving, but the size and shape will be a personal preference. It will basically depend on if you plan on playing games and/or swimming laps in it as well.

Pools with Slides

If you’d like to add a slide to your swimming pool the water should be approximately 4.5-feet deep for safety reasons and the width should be 12 feet or more.

Swimming Laps

If you want to use the pool for swimming laps or lengths it’s recommended that there will be a section at the end of the pool which doesn’t have steps built into it. This will allow you to swim the entire length and turn around without the need for stopping. You may also want to consider a longer pool if it’s going to be used for swimming laps, perhaps at least 30 feet in length. A rectangular-shaped pool is the most common for those who want to exercise by swimming laps.

However, you could get away with a smaller model if you use a swimming aid. There are devices on the market such as Swim Pro, which attach to your body, hold you, and enable you to swim in place. These are ideal for exercising in smaller pools and are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of a longer swimming pool.

Size of your Family

You should take into consideration the number of people in your family when deciding on the size of a fiberglass pool. If three to four people will be using it then a 14-foot by 24-foot pool may be big enough. If five to six people will be using the pool you may want to consider 15-feet by 30-feet. If you have a bigger family or plan on using the pool to entertain several guests then you may want something in the range of 35 or 40 feet in length.

Recommendations not Rules

Prospective swimming pool owners should realize there are no hard rules to go by when purchasing a fiberglass pool. The above are simply tips and recommendations, but the ultimate decision of the shape, size, and depth of the pool will be yours to make.

If you have questions about choosing the right fiberglass pool for your family, contact us here and we can answer any questions you may have.  If you want to find out more about fiberglass swimming pools, please go to our partner site which is dedicated to fiberglass pools and offers thousands of fiberglass pool choices for every situation.



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