Cigares au miel Backwoods

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Backwoods Honey present a mild-bodied and visually rustic cigar crafted from premium tobaccos, infused with the delightful essence of honey. This unique blend strikes the perfect equilibrium between sweet honey and natural tobacco, providing a quick-burning, flavorful, and aromatic experience. Individually packaged for freshness, each cigarillo measures 4 1/8 x 27, and Backwoods Honey Cigars are conveniently available in paccj of 5 cigars.

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Embrace the essence of life’s simple pleasures with Honey Backwoods Cigars, more than just a cigar but an exquisite invitation to indulge in the harmonious blend of craftsmanship and nature’s finest offerings. Since their debut in 1981, Backwoods Cigars have forged a reputation for a distinctive fusion of smooth flavors that linger, creating an irresistible allure that beckons aficionados to savor each moment.

Honey Backwoods Cigars, introduced in the same iconic year, have swiftly become a favorite for those seeking a short yet incredibly satisfying smoking experience. This blend masterfully marries the sweetness of honey with the richness of natural tobacco, captivating the palate with every indulgent puff. Crafted with the utmost care, these 4 1/8-inch cigars, boasting a 27-ring gauge, showcase an Indonesian tobacco wrapper that envelopes a blend of all-natural tobaccos, delivering a smoking adventure that stands out in its uniqueness.

Renowned for their budget-friendly appeal, Backwoods Honey Cigars feature an aromatic filler infused with honey flavorings, providing a delightful twist to the classic tobacco taste. The rustic charm is heightened by the unique frayed end, unfinished head, and tapered body, making them a sought-after choice among outdoor enthusiasts who relish a flavorful cigar while surrounded by nature. Conveniently packaged in a foil pouch, each containing 5 cigars, these mild-bodied delights, bursting with a strong honey flavor, make for the perfect companion during moments of relaxation, ideally paired with a glass of mild beer.

Backwoods Honey Specs further emphasize the commitment to quality and authenticity. Produced in the Dominican Republic and distributed by ITG Brands, LLC, these cigars boast a length of 4 1/8 inches and a ring gauge of 27. The flavor profile, dominated by the sweet essence of honey, is encapsulated in a cigarillo shape with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Homogenized Tobacco Leaf binder, and a filler featuring Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobacco. Originating from Puerto Rico, Backwoods Honey Cigars offer a mellow strength with a wrapper color ranging from dark brown to Maduro.

Cigares au miel Backwoods Specs:

  • Fabriqué en: République dominicaine
  • Distribué par: Marques ITG, LLC
  • Longueur: 4 1/8
  • Bague: 27
  • Saveur: Chéri
  • Forme: Cigarillo
  • Type d'emballage : Feuille large du Connecticut
  • Liant: Feuille de tabac homogénéisée
  • Remplissage : Graine cubaine du bassin des Caraïbes
  • Origine: Porto Rico
  • Force: Moelleux
  • Couleur de l'emballage : Marron Foncé / Maduro

When it comes to Backwoods Cigars, the Backwoods price is a significant factor, offering a premium smoking experience at a budget-friendly cost. This affordability has made Backwoods a popular choice, appealing to both seasoned cigar enthusiasts and newcomers looking for quality within their budget constraints.

In the diverse Backwoods Toronto lineup, new flavors and variations keep the brand dynamic and interesting for cigar enthusiasts. Notably, the honey flavor, available in convenient 5-packs, showcases Backwoods’ commitment to providing unique and enticing flavors that captivate the palate.

To simplify the process for those eager to buy Backwoods, the option to purchase these cigars online adds convenience to the experience. Online platforms and retailers offer accessibility, allowing enthusiasts to explore different flavors and variations from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re a seasoned Backwoods aficionado or a newcomer intrigued by the allure of these cigars, buying Backwoods online opens up possibilities for a delightful and hassle-free shopping experience.

As a note of caution, cigar smoking is reserved for adults of legal smoking age, and responsible consumption is paramount. Enjoy the rich and aromatic essence of Honey Backwoods Cigars in moderation and in compliance with local regulations, ensuring a delightful and memorable smoking experience.

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Cigares au miel Backwoods

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