Cigares à la crème russes Backwoods

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Experience the unparalleled allure of Backwoods Russian Cream, the top-selling gem in the Backwoods flavor lineup. With an exceptional vodka-infused essence, these cigars stand out as some of the most distinctive in the market. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Backwoods Russian Cream, where the delightful interplay of creamy coffee and vodka flavors captivates your senses from the initial inhale. Packaged in boxes containing eight packs, each housing five cigars, Backwoods Russian Cream ensures a smooth and mild smoking experience that defines relaxation at its finest. Elevate your cigar journey with the uniquely exquisite taste and aroma of Backwoods Russian Cream, a true testament to its unrivaled popularity.

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Unveiling the epitome of machine-made brilliance, Backwoods Russian Cream cigars exude sophistication with a velvety flavor profile. Meticulously crafted, these cigars feature premium tobacco, masterfully machine-rolled, and encased in an all-natural leaf, creating a distinct rustic appearance and taste.

The connoisseur’s delight, Russian Cream Backwoods cigars boast a blend of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Homogenized Tobacco Leaf binder, and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers. With a tapered body, unfinished head, and frayed ends, each 4-inch stick with a 27-ring gauge promises an unparalleled smoking experience. Immerse yourself in the signature taste, letting the invigorating aroma whisk away worries, inducing tranquility and relaxation.

Since their 1981 debut, Backwoods Cigars have entranced enthusiasts with their seamless flavor blend and captivating aroma, appealing to those seeking a mild yet profoundly satisfying smoking experience.

Russian Cream Backwoods Singles, a limited-production cigarillo from Altadis USA, deliver a unique creamy taste reminiscent of vodka and cream. Crafted with 100% natural tobacco fillers and a rugged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, each Backwoods cigarillo ensures an ultimate flavor immersion.

Discover the rustic charm of Backwoods Russian Cream cigars, reveling in the smooth flavors of fresh coffee and cream with every puff. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Backwoods cigars – a genuine testament to quality and flavor during leisurely moments.

Redefining affordability without compromising quality, Backwoods Cigars, an extension of the Sweet Aromatic line, exceeds expectations. For enthusiasts seeking a substantial supply, the option of a box of Backwoods presents itself, offering a convenient and well-stocked solution for their next outdoor adventure or cozy night in. With Backwoods Canada, relish a smoking experience seamlessly merging affordability with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Cigares à la crème russes Backwoods Specs:

  • Fabriqué en: République dominicaine
  • Distribué par: Marques ITG, LLC
  • Saveur: Vodka, crème douce et liqueur de café
  • Longueur: 4 1/8
  • Bague: 27
  • Forme: Cigarillo
  • Type d'emballage : Feuille large du Connecticut
  • Liant: Feuille de tabac homogénéisée
  • Remplissage : Graine cubaine du bassin des Caraïbes
  • Force: Doux – Moelleux
  • Couleur de l'emballage : Marron Foncé / Naturel

For those looking to buy Backwoods Russian Cream, a plethora of options are available. Numerous retailers and online platforms offer an array of Backwoods flavors and variations, catering to the diverse preferences of enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of the original blend or eager to explore new tastes, buying Backwoods has never been more accessible, allowing you to curate your smoking experience with ease.

Smoking Backwoods is not just a habit; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has gained a dedicated following. The distinctive characteristics of Backwoods cigars, from their unique structure to the flavorful blends, contribute to a smoking experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether enjoyed individually or shared among friends, smoking Backwoods is a ritual that encapsulates a moment of pure enjoyment.

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Cigares à la crème russes Backwoods

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