Backwoods Crème Russe -Carton


The Russian Cream Backwoods cigar is a must-have for all tobacco connoisseurs. This luxurious blend combines the Connecticut Broadleaf and Homogenized Tobacco Leaf wrapper with Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers, resulting in an exquisite 4 inch by 27 ring gauge stick that offers unparalleled smoking experience. Let its signature flavor take away your worries as you bask in its invigorating aroma! Take a moment to release the chaotic thoughts that have been clouding your mind and surrender yourself to blissful tranquility. Enjoy this exquisite cigarette – its smooth flavor will leave you feeling relaxed, contented and free from worry. Experience the calming sensation of letting go as you melt into a plush, cloudlike state! Make sure to light up during your next break for an unforgettable experience in total serenity.

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