7G Waltz Premium Flower Jars – Indica

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Experience the pinnacle of cannabis excellence with WALT HERB CO’s 7g jars, meticulously crafted for ultimate pleasure. Each jar boasts legendary genetics, masterful curing, and unmatched quality, ensuring a divine cannabis experience. Elevate your indulgence with strains like 3 In The Pink, Jedi Pink, Mega Man OG, and Pink Gorilla, where greatness awaits your discovery!

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Discover the pinnacle of cannabis excellence with our 7g jars of sheer brilliance at WALT HERB CO. We take pride in our legendary genetics, masterful curing process, and unmatched quality found in every jar. Each hand-trimmed bud offers a divine experience, meticulously crafted to enhance your ultimate pleasure. Elevate your cannabis indulgence to unprecedented levels with our extraordinary 7g jars—where greatness awaits your discovery.

In our store, two varieties are available from Waltz:

Mega man OG – 7G Waltz Premium Flower Jars

Unleash the power of legendary potency with Mega man OG, a unique souche crafted by Walts Herb that embodies the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation expertise and genetic mastery. Experience the perfect fusion of intensity, euphoria, and pure bliss with each session, delivered straight to your doorstep with the best livraison de mauvaises herbes Toronto prestations de service.

Megaman OG transcends the boundaries between cannabis culture and gaming nostalgia, offering enthusiasts a journey reminiscent of their favorite epic adventures. Let this legendary strain transport you to a realm of joy and delight, where every puff ignites a spark of excitement and wonder. Remember to consume responsibly and respect local laws and regulations while enjoying the unparalleled experience of Mega man OG.

Jedi Kush – 7G Waltz Premium Flower Jars

Jedi Kush is a potent indica hybride, born from the union of Death Star and SFV OG Kush, delivering a forceful experience that invigorates both body and mind. Initially subtle, Jedi Kush reveals a complex blend of sour skunk and tangy diesel aromas upon cracking open its buds, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Users can expect a gradual onset of dreamy euphoria, evolving into a surge of cerebral energy without the burden of lethargy, making it an ideal choice for daytime consumption. With its therapeutic properties, Jedi Kush offers relief from a spectrum of ailments including pain, PTSD, depression, stress, headaches, and appetite loss, ensuring a powerful dose of cannabinoids for patients. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, Jedi plants exhibit resilience, thriving in various environments with a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.



3 In The Pink, Jedi Pink


7g, 14g, 28g


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7G Waltz Premium Flower Jars – Indica
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