Blue Tangie-Sativa

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Blue Tangie is a balanced hybrid strain created by crossing Blueberry and Tangie, offering a perfect blend of indica and sativa effects. With its delightful fusion of tangy citrus oranges, sweet blueberries, and subtle herbal cheese, Blue Tangie provides a flavorful and uplifting experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Renowned for its energizing and euphoric high, this strain is cherished for its ability to enhance creativity, motivation, and overall mood.

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Blue Tangie is a balanced hybride souche, consisting of 50% indica and 50% sativa, resulting from crossing the popular Blueberry and Tangie strains. Renowned for its delightful fruity flavors, Blue Tangie offers a palate of tangy citrus oranges, sweet blueberries, and subtle notes of herbal cheese, creating a mouthwatering experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Its aroma mirrors its taste profile, characterized by citrusy orange notes intertwined with a bouquet of fresh berries and hints of herbal cheese, tantalizing the senses with each inhalation.

The high induced by Blue Tangie is uplifting and energizing, making it ideal for daytime consumption when a burst of motivation and creativity is needed. Users report feeling euphoric and motivated, with a surge of happy energy that enhances focus and productivity. Despite its sativa-dominant genetics, Blue Tangie also delivers a gentle relaxation that eases the body without causing sedation, allowing users to remain functional and active throughout the day.

With THC levels ranging from 17% to 20%, Blue Tangie offers a moderate potency level that appeals to both novice and experienced consumers. Its therapeutic potential extends to alleviating various conditions such as depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, and stress, providing relief while maintaining mental clarity and alertness. The strain’s versatility and balanced effects make it a popular choice among medical and recreational users alike, seeking a flavorful and invigorating cannabis expérience.

Visually, Blue Tangie exhibits small, rounded, and densely packed buds with vibrant minty green hues, complemented by subtle blue-green undertones and accented with thin orange hairs. The buds are coated in chunky, light blue-tinted white crystal trichomes, giving them a frosty and resinous appearance. Overall, Blue Tangie stands out not only for its appealing aesthetics and flavor profile but also for its well-rounded effects that cater to a wide range of consumer preferences and therapeutic needs.


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Blue Tangie-Sativa
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