CB2 CBD + Vitamine C 100mg Gélules

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CB2 CBD + Vitamin C 100mg Capsules offer a convenient and effective way to support your health with 10 capsules containing 10mg each, totaling 100mg of CBD infused with pure Vitamin C. Designed to provide natural relief for pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and improved focus, these capsules are a reliable option for daily wellness. Lab-tested and approved, each capsule contains THC-free CBD crystal isolate, ensuring safety and quality in every dose.

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CB2: CBD + Vitamin C 10x10mg offers a unique blend of CBD and immune-boosting Vitamin C in each capsule, providing 10mg of pure cannabidiol and essential vitamin support. Our lab-tested, vegan capsules ensure accurate dosing and consistency, making them suitable for a wide range of users seeking relief.

Experience relief with Herb Angels’ non-psychotropic CBD capsules infused with Vitamin C, targeting pain, headaches, spasms, and neuropathy symptoms effectively. With 96.5% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD), our capsules offer potent anti-inflammatory properties for both chronic and acute pain management.

Boost your immune system, reduce anxiety, and combat inflammation with our CBD and Vitamin C combination, designed to maximize the benefits of each ingredient for optimal health outcomes. Try the synergistic effects of 10mg of Vitamin C and 10mg of CBD for faster absorption and enhanced results.

CB2 Oil, a unique hemp extract suspended in hemp seed oil, offers a versatile solution for health enthusiasts seeking natural remedies. With no traces of THC and rigorous quality control, CB2 Oil provides superior relief compared to traditional CBD products, making it an effective option for pain management and arthritis symptoms.


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Gélules CBD vitamine C
CB2 CBD + Vitamine C 100mg Gélules

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