Citrus Paradise-Sativa

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Citrus Paradise strain, a perfectly balanced hybrid, combines the uplifting effects of sativa with the relaxing qualities of indica, providing a well-rounded experience for both mind and body. With its delightful blend of citrusy orange flavors and earthy undertones, Citrus Paradise offers a sensory delight with every puff. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or boost your mood, Citrus Paradise delivers a euphoric and calming high that can uplift spirits and melt away stress.

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Citrus Paradise is an evenly balanced hybride souche, boasting a 50% indica and 50% sativa genetic makeup, resulting from a cross between the potent Tropicana Cookies and Tina strains. This well-balanced hybrid offers a harmonious blend of effects, delivering both cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation that envelops the user in a soothing euphoria. Its high begins with a gentle lift in the head, inducing a profound sense of happiness that gradually expands, dispelling any negative or anxious thoughts and replacing them with a state of blissful contentment.

As the euphoric effects intensify, the body succumbs to a deeply relaxing sensation, although not overwhelmingly sedative, allowing for functional relaxation without immobilization. With an average THC level ranging between 20-21%, Citrus Paradise is a popular choice among medical cannabis users seeking relief from conditions such as nausea, appetite loss, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, as well as muscle spasms or cramps. Its aroma and flavor profile are characterized by a sour and earthy citrus taste with hints of orange and diesel, accompanied by a pungent aroma that adds to its allure. Citrus Paradise buds are visually striking, featuring dark olive green nugs with red-orange hairs, deep purple undertones, and a thick coating of frosty white crystal trichomes.


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Citrus Paradise-Sativa
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